François's lectures which it presented with big pathos have proceeded,
Illustrating some moments rather artistically. Unpleasant incident
Has occurred before the beginning of the third pair after a lunch break. Considering that,
That Friday was last afternoon shopping, during the lunchtime all have run to be bought up and to
To the pair beginning in an audience was only percent 25 from all. François
Visit of Russian from Peter, which in general steams not has felt depressed and recollected
Interested. To put it briefly, it was a shame.
     After pairs all have again run behind purchases and at this time it was easy
To meet the MIME-OVTSEV in all shops Levena - I was crossed with them
Regularly. Has amazed a choice, quality and the prices in shop Q and A, where in department
The children's goods I have simply lost a speech power and stinted to a daughter of clothes. All
Have bought clothes and other, and the Pasha in general has forked up - has bought to child Sony
Playstation, with a prefix of Formula-1 with a wheel and additional dzhojstikom.
     Having made purchases of gifts and souvenirs, I have bribed beer (3 on 0,75
Dark different grades, including an ale and entertaining beer Trappiste Rochefort,
Which has really appeared with not importunate smack of cheese), chips with
Nutlets also has returned in gostinnitsu, hoping to arrange picnic on seductive
To lawn at us in a court yard. It was possible to find the Pasha, Katya and Denis, with which we and
Have uncorked the beer closed, by the way, as champagne, stoppers. With them we
Have wonderfully sat - good weather, amazing beer, a straight talk.